Arca Talks New Album KiCk i Featuring Björk And Rosalía

The last time we heard from Arca was just a couple weeks ago, when she released the mammoth 62-minute single “@@@@@,” a companion of sorts to a 2013 mix called “&&&&&.” Arca, of course, had been busy before that too — most recently with the Mutant;Faith performances in New York last year — but her last full-fledged album came out back in 2017. Though Arca has had collaborations since, it was still exciting when she started gearing up for another full-length under her own name.

Today, Arca talked a bit more about that new album, which is called KiCk i, with Garage Magazine. And fittingly enough for someone who built their name on bringing innovative production to some big-name artists, Arca’s coming with some pretty impressive guests. Björk, a longtime collaborator of Arca’s, sings on one track. And otherwise, the album will feature the similarly forward-thinking Rosalía. That’s a pretty serious start.

Otherwise, the article alludes to more guests, and the fact that the album is as expansive and adventurous in sound as one might expect, running the gamut from futuristic pop to drum and bass. It all sounds pretty cool, in case you needed more of a reason to be excited for a new Arca album.

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For our first-ever digital cover series, a two-part GARAGE Issue 18 music special: Arca stars alongside the out-of-this-world pop star Grimes, in an ode to the artists who are redefining the future.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Alejandra Ghersi won’t stop moving. For years, the experimental performance artist and musician known as Arca (@arca1000000) has been a secret weapon for creative catalysts like Kanye West and Björk. With the upcoming release of her latest album, “KiCk i,” she’s staking her own claim.⁠ ⁠⠀ At the link in bio, Arca tells us what keeps her going 💫 ⁠⠀ Photographer: @lukegilford⁠⠀ Fashion Editor: @maxortegag⁠⠀ Story: @alexgfrank⁠⠀ Creative Director: @brianphillipsimage⁠⠀ Art Director: @rubenramos⁠⠀ Design Director: @mycmat⁠⠀ Motion Designer: @Lawrie.miller⁠⠀ Casting: @itboygregk⁠⠀ Hair: @evaniefrausto⁠⠀ Makeup: @seongheeparkmakeup ⁠⠀ Manicurist: @erihandanail⁠⠀ Set Designer: @jujujerni⁠⠀ DOP: @gaulporat⁠⠀ Production: @serienotsiri Edit: @thomasgoldser at @studio__rm Grade: @jamie_n13 at @studio__rm

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