Luke Schneider – “Anteludium”

Luke Schneider – “Anteludium”

Here is everything I’ve learned about Luke Schneider this morning via an official bio from Douglas McGowan of Yoga Records and Numero Group: He was born 40 years ago in Dayton, Ohio. He was named after Paul Newman’s character in Cool Hand Luke. He’s long worked as a sideman for indie-adjacent Nashville folk and country artists including Margo Price, William Tyler, and Caitlin Rose. And this spring, while on tour as part of Orville Peck’s band, he’ll release the first New Age album on Third Man Records.

Schneider recorded his debut LP, Altar Of Harmony, entirely on pedal steel, but it doesn’t sound like twangy sonic seasoning for a honky-tonk line dance. He’s made pedal steel the main course, using his 1967 Emmons Push/Pull to create heavenly drones that seem to stretch out into infinity. (Big day for ambient instrumentals here at the ‘Gum; big week, really.) Based on opening track and lead single “Anteludium,” Altar Of Harmony just might be the salve you need to calm your nerves in these trying times.

Listen below.

01 “Anteludium”
02 “Lex Universum”
03 “Somnificus”
04 “Exspirio”
05 “Mundi Tuum Est”
06 “Umbra”
07 “Invicta Affectio”
08 “Derelicto”

Altar Of Harmony is out 5/8 on Third Man. Pre-order it here.

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