Half Waif – “In August”

For the past couple months, Nandi Rose has been building up to the release of her new album as Half Waif, The Caretaker, the followup to her 2018 collection Lavender. We’ve already heard some singles from it, including “Ordinary Talk” and “Halogen 2.” And now Rose is back with another ahead of the album’s release next week.

The latest preview of The Caretaker is called “In August.” Here’s what Rose had to say about it:

“In August” tracks the dissolution of a friendship over the course of a year, throughout every season. There’s a particular kind of sadness to a friendship ending when there’s no one to blame, just as there’s something mournful about the inevitable change of weather. Sometimes it’s not a big fight but a gradual growing apart that marks the end — how do we make sense of our role in that? This song is an attempt to recognize and accept mutual culpability in an effort to move on.

Musically, “In August” begins restrained, Rose mourning the collapse of that friendship over quiet piano and synths. Like the arc of seasons the song traces, the rest of the track builds up, rippling synths rising around Rose before the conclusion drifts out of view. Check it out below.

Along with the new song, Half Waif has announced that, like everyone else, her upcoming tour dates are postponed. Her planned release show in Brooklyn next Friday is cancelled, but instead she will be live-streaming a set from her home at 7PM EST.

The Caretaker is out 3/27 via ANTI. Pre-order it here.

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