Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “Becoming Ferromagnetic”

Earlier in this cursed month, the experimental musician Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith announced that she’ll follow up 2017’s The Kid with the new album The Mosaic Of Transformation this spring. Smith described The Mosaic Of Transformation as her “expression of love and appreciation for electricity,” and she shared the album closer, the stunning 10-minute suite “Expanding Electricity.” Today, Smith has shared another new track, but it’s not on the album.

Smith’s new piece is a non-album instrumental drone called “Becoming Ferromagnetic.” She contributed it to an Amazon playlist called The Future Is Female, so that means you have to be signed into Amazon Prime to hear it. (Respect to anyone who is not an Amazon Prime member, though I would probably be going insane right now if I did not have sufficient amounts of shit to watch.)

“Ferromagnetic,” Google tells me, means “having a high susceptibility to magnetization,” as in iron. I am science-stupid, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with Smith’s whole electricity-appreciation project. In any case, the song is a playful and impressionistic five-minute instrumental, a sort of happy drone. Check it out below.

The Mosaic of Transformation is out 5/15 on Ghostly International.