Fiona Apple Tells Others Artists To Approve All Sync Requests And Give The Money To Charity

Fiona Apple is encouraging artists to approve all sync requests right now and give the money to those who need it. In a video shared by her friend Zelda Hallman, Apple explains her thought process (in characteristically engaging fashion):

I had to reprimand myself yesterday because I got an email entitled “sync request.” And when you get “sync request,” it means that somebody wants to use one of your songs in something. And so I read the email and I saw they wanted to use one of my songs for something that I thought was ridiculously stupid. So I said no. I sent the email back, declined. I walked away, and in ten seconds, I was like, “You motherfucker!” to myself. “You asshole greedy motherfucker bitch!” Because it’s not a time to be turning down thousands of dollars that you could get for doing nothing, Fiona, when people need money. So I’m just saying…anybody out there that’s getting sync requests for shit that you don’t want your song to be in, just tell them yes, take the money, and give it away. Don’t be like I was yesterday. I ended up saying yes. I changed it. And I’m gonna give all the money away. Anyway, just a lesson. I hope other people will do that. Just take it. Just take the money and give it away. Doesn’t matter, nobody cares what your fuckin’ song was used in. Anyway, happy quarantine!

Fiona Apple announced earlier this month that her new record, the long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s The Idler Wheel, is done. It’ll be called Fetch The Bolt Cutters, and it takes inspiration from the #MeToo movement.

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