Whitney Were Robbed At Gunpoint In Portland

It feels like we’re living through the Purge right now, and Chicago indie rockers Whitney just got robbed at gunpoint this weekend in Portland, where they’re apparently located right now. “heyyyy. we all just got robbed at gunpoint a few blocks from our house,” bassist Josiah Marshall wrote in an Instagram post yesterday. “we’ll be without our phones for a bit. stay safe out there. weird times.”

“Not something we really wanted to publicize in the first place but we’ve seen some websites posting about it so I guess it’s out there,” the band added in another post on their official Instagram page. “Me [Julian Ehrlich] Max [Kakacek] and Jos [Marshall] along with our good bud John Mooney were robbed at gunpoint yesterday while on a random walk. We appreciate everyone reaching out to show support but obviously there are so many other people that need your love right now. Reach out to them. We’re ok. Stay safe.”

“This happened in Portland. We are working with authorities,” the band’s management said in a statement to Billboard. “Guys are safe and unharmed. At this time we don’t have any fundraising efforts planned.” In a statement to Consequence Of Sound, Marshall explained, “They took everyones phones and wallets. patted us down while having a gun in our face. broad daylight. nice neighborhood. we are just happy to be ok.”

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