Fiona Apple Talks Secret Marriage, Antipsychotics, Louis CK In New Interview

Zelda Hallman

Fiona Apple Talks Secret Marriage, Antipsychotics, Louis CK In New Interview

Zelda Hallman

Fiona Apple’s new album Fetch The Bolt Cutters is out today, and everyone is freaking out about how good it is. In addition to the torrent of reviews to complement your listening experience, Vulture has published a new interview with Apple, her second lengthy chat about the new LP following that massive New Yorker profile from a few weeks back. Speaking with Rachel Handler, the writer who has been the main source of Apple updates in the past year, she gets into all sorts of stories about Fetch The Bolt Cutters and her life in general, including comments about her disgraced ex Louis CK, her belief that she was wrongly prescribed antipsychotics for her depression, and a brief marriage to French fashion photographer Lionel Deluy years ago that I don’t believe she’s spoken about before.

Here’s the exchange about the secret marriage:

It’s pretty cool you’ve stayed friends with some of these exes. How do you manage that?
I am. I just heard from Jamie today, and I heard from Jonathan two days ago. My ex-husband, Lionel Deluy, is a very good friend of mine too. He’s lovely. I was married very briefly to Lionel.

I don’t think I knew that. How old were you?
Twenty-something. I don’t know. It was very brief.

Apple also discussed her withdrawal from drugs she’d been prescribed to deal with depression, and how getting sober has also helped:

It’s not a constant feeling, and it’s gotten a lot better, again, since I quit drinking — so much better, so much less anxiety. I was really overmedicated. That New Yorker piece is so funny to me — the period of time we were talking was such a horrible group of months, because of all of the withdrawal I ended up being in from getting off of some medications. I was like, “I need to do this now, before I have to go into rehearsals and go on the road, and do all this stuff,” thinking that the world was going to be normal. I was like, “I need to be on the right medications, and in order to do that, I need to get off the wrong ones.”

I had been put on an antipsychotic. Nobody who is not psychotic should be put on an antipsychotic. I’m not psychotic and I don’t have schizophrenia and I’m not bipolar; I’ve only been diagnosed with OCD and complex developmental PTSD. But I was put on one when I was in this mental stateApple told the New Yorker she began experiencing serious mood swings in December 2019, and had been prescribed an antipsychotic for her night terrors; the dosage was “way too high,” she said. where I didn’t even realize what was happening. When you try to come off an antipsychotic, the withdrawal is much different than other medications. I was getting tics, and it was the worst. I woke up one day and I couldn’t see — it was double vision from morning until night, and we found out that was a side effect from withdrawal. This is dangerous stuff.

Here’s some of what she had to say about her ex-boyfriend Louis CK’s apparent lack of repentance after forcing numerous women to watch him masturbate:

I know he’s got such a great brain and he understands why he did that shit. I feel robbed that he’s not giving us what he thinks about that. And the fact that he’s complaining about the money he lost, and that tired joke of, “Hey, how’s everybody’s 2020? Did everybody have a great year?” That was a bad joke when it was done the first time, but it’s not even a joke. The one thing I will say about that situation is that the women he harassed continue to be harassed by his little bros. By the little Louis bros. Fuck you, Louis bros. And fuck him for not even just acknowledging that. And for the record, he didn’t apologize.

I was moved by this bit about the power and autonomy of recording at home, on her own timetable:

I moved into this house in 2000, and I’ve always felt like [it] doesn’t want me to go anywhere. So I’m like, “All right, I’m going to give you what you want, house. I know you deserve to be the record. I’m going to make you the record.” This is where I feel comfortable. My boyfriend at the time, Jamie, really pushed for me to get it set up here so I could record by myself. Once he pushed for that to happen and Amy taught me how to do GarageBand, it was like the universe opened up.

Making my first album, [I would go to the studio] from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. every day. While everybody else put together the arrangements, [I was] just sitting there being like, “When do I sing? When do I sing?” The difference between [then and now], me being like, “Oh, I think I’d like to play that thing on this. Okay, I can go do that right now.” It makes me feel like I wasn’t ever given a chance to be a musician before. Because you’d have to do everything in the studio, and I’m not good at doing things in front of people under pressure.

There’s much more where that came from, as well as a whole separate feature in which Apple tells the story behind every song on the new album. So, yeah, lots of reading to do while wrapping your head around Fetch The Bolt Cutters today.

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