Watch Haim Elaborately Reconstruct “I Know Alone” Remotely On Colbert

Yesterday, Haim announced the delated release date of their much-anticipated new album Women In Music Pt.III, which is now set to come out in summer, and they shared the new single “I Know Alone.” (They also dropped a choreography-heavy music video that they filmed in quarantine — all dancing together while still maintaining social distancing. Neat trick!) Last night, they played the song together as the musical guests on Colbert. But since they’re quarantining apart, they had to play the song together over video linkup, all three sisters playing their parts in their respective homes.

Haim are a reliably great live band, but a whole lot of that comes down to their in-the-room chemistry. You can always tell how happy these three women are to be playing music together. That’s the sort of thing you can’t really recreate in quarantine, but it’s oddly inspiring to see them giving it a shot. And since “I Know Alone” is a song about feeling removed, it’s oddly appropriate for the performance.

With all its melancholia, “I Know Alone” is also a track that draws on fast, blippy dance music and R&B. So the Haim sisters played it mostly electronically, all three of them sitting in front of huge piles of electronic doohickeys. There’s something fun about seeing them reconstruct this elaborate track in real time. Watch it below.

Women In Music Pt.III is out 6/26 on Columbia. Pre-order it here.