Travis – “A Ghost”

Travis – “A Ghost”

At this point in popular music history, if you tell people there’s a new Travis song they’ll probably think you’re referring to Houston rap superstar and Fortnite concert pioneer Jacques Webster. If you talk up the latest Healy joint, they’ll likely assume you’re talking about the 1975. Praise for 1999’s The Man Who is liable to yield responses like, “Man, who?” But Travis, the folksy Scottish pop-rock band led by Fran Healy that was dominating Coldplay’s lane before Coldplay came along, is still at it. And from the sounds of their new album’s lead single, they’ve still got it.

The group’s accurately titled 10 Songs is out in October. It’s their first LP since 2016’s Everything At Once, and it includes “A Ghost,” a propulsive and muscular yet still delicately pretty reckoning with the days of old. “All my past is shoring up/ Beating on my door won’t stop,” Healy sings, a line that just hits different the morning after protestors tore down and beheaded Christopher Columbus statues in multiple US cities. His “I saw a ghost” refrain is one that seems destined to get stuck in every listener’s head. Take it from someone who hasn’t really checked for Travis since The Invisible Band: It slaps.

“A Ghost” arrives with a video Healy put together with his 14-year-old son Clay under quarantine. Watch it below.

01 “Waving At The Window”
02 “The Only Thing” (Feat. Susanna Hoffs)
03 “Valentine”
04 “Butterflies”
05 “A Million Hearts”
06 “A Ghost”
07 “All Fall Down”
08 “Kissing In The Wind”
09 “Nina’s Song”
10 “No Love Lost”

10 Songs is out 10/9 on BMG. Pre-order it here.


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