Alex G Officially Drops The (Sandy)

Back in 2017, right in the middle of the rollout for his Rocket album, the Philadelphia indie-rock cult hero Alex G started going by (Sandy) Alex G for legal reasons presumably related to a Colorado-based pop artist already using the Alex G name. It was weird at first, but we all got used to it. It did not diminish our enjoyment of last year’s House Of Sugar one bit. Now it looks like he’s going back to Alex G.

When Riot Fest announced its initial 2021 lineup today, our man Alex Giannascoli was listed on the poster as Alex G. Management for Giannascoli confirms to Stereogum that he has once again dropped the (Sandy) and is going by plain old Alex G once more.

Notably, his name on DSPs switched back to Alex G last week too, though Apple Music still seems a bit confused; the most recent release under his profile — where he’s still listed as (Sandy) Alex G — is Free Your Soul, a set of electronic instrumentals by what appears to be a third Alex G. But on Spotify and elsewhere, he’s back to the Alex G name. Farewell to the (Sandy) era!