Stream Trash Talk’s New Kenny Beats-Produced EP Squalor

Stream Trash Talk’s New Kenny Beats-Produced EP Squalor

The feral hardcore rippers Trash Talk, the band that’s put on some of the wildest live shows I’ve ever seen, have just made their big return. Squalor, Trash Talk’s new EP, is their first new music since they dropped the free-download EP Tangle in 2016. And this time around, the band worked with an unexpected collaborator: The great rap producer Kenny Beats.

Kenny Beats has built a name for himself in the past few years largely by bringing anarchic punk energy to the rap music he’s been making, but he’s never done anything like this Trash Talk EP. (It’s the first time he’s ever recorded live drums and guitars.) But Trash Talk have always had crossover in the rap world, largely thanks to their association with Odd Future, and the little bits of rap production that emerge from the maelstrom on Squalor don’t sound out of place.

Mostly, Squalor just sounds like Trash Talk, bringing the same chaotic intensity that they’ve always had. We’ve already posted first single “Something Wicked,” an absolute monster that might also be the most approachable track on the EP. The five songs blast by in eight minutes, and they are nasty. Listen below.

The Squalor EP is out now on Trash Talk Collective.

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