June Of 44 Release First New Recording In 21 Years

In 1994, four members of various different beloved underground rock bands — Lungfish, Hoover, Codeine, Rodan — got together to form a new group called June Of 44. Over the rest of the ’90s, June Of 44 perfected a distinctively tingly, evocative, layered sound — mathy but not math-rock, slow but not slowcore, emotive but not emo, hardcore-informed but not exactly post-hardcore. The band released four albums and one EP before going their separate ways in 1999. Now they’re back.

June Of 44 reunited in 2018, touring Europe and the US. Today, they’ve announced plans for a new record that isn’t exactly a new record. As Rolling Stone reports, June Of 44 are getting ready to release the new LP Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival, recorded last year in Oakland. But the band didn’t write any new songs for the new record. Instead, they re-recorded songs from their late period.

Talking to Rolling Stone via email, singer and guitarist Jeff Mueller says, “The session for [1999’s] Anahata was pretty tough; many of the songs felt underdeveloped… Speaking for myself… it all just felt rushed and messy — I had very little grasp on how to organize and play my parts.”

On Revisionist, the band reworks songs from both Anahata and their 1999 EP In The Fishtank 6, and there are also remixes from Matmos and Tortoise’s John McEntire. The first song they’ve shared from the new record — the first new June Of 44 recording in 21 years — is “ReRecorded Syntax,” a new version of the Anahata song “Recorded Syntax.” This one is a pretty faithful version of that original track, but it sounds thicker and more pristine. You can hear the “ReRecorded Syntax” at Rolling Stone. Check out the Revisionist tracklist below.

01 “A Chance To Cure Is A Chance To Cut Your Face (Matmos Remix)”
02 “ReRecorded Syntax”
03 “Cardiac Atlas”
04 “Post-Modern Hereditary Dance Steps”
05 “A Past To Face (John McEntire Remix)”
06 “No Escape, Levitate”
07 “Generate”
08 “Paint Your Face”

Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival is out 8/7; pre-order it here.