Dwight Howard Was Only Player To Attend The NBA’s DJ Event In Orlando Bubble

Right now, the players of all the different NBA teams are starting to get used to life in the “bubble” — the mostly-quarantined Orlando area where they’ll supposedly play out the rest of the 2019-2020 season in arenas empty of fans. All the players are living at three hotels in Disney World, and the NBA has promised various amenities to the players who have opted not to stay home during quarantine. The NBA players are getting access to barbers, pool tables, lawn games, movies, and video games. They’re also getting DJ parties. The first of those DJ parties wasn’t hugely popular.

According to SB Nation, Miami’s DJ Nasty, co-producer of songs like DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” and “All I Do Is Win,” played a DJ set for NBA players at the Grand Destino on Saturday night. Apparently, exactly one players showed up for the festivities: Los Angeles Lakers backup center and notorious goofball Dwight Howard. On Sunday, Howard’s teammate Anthony Davis told reporters, “To be quite honest, the first time I heard of the DJ thing was today. Dwight told me he was the only one there. Quite frankly, a lot of guys just didn’t know about it.” He was laughing when he said it.

On Instagram Live, Howard posted a video of himself walking around a depressing-looking hotel nightclub, fully staffed but otherwise totally empty. He ordered a Cancun Colada. When someone in his Instagram comments asks why he’s not wearing a mask, Howard said, “I’m around nobody.”

The NBA bubble! It’s fantastic!