Stream Angel Du$t’s New Surprise EP Lil House

Stream Angel Du$t’s New Surprise EP Lil House

Angel Du$t are one of the more curious, fascinating bands out there. Lead singer Justice Tripp is best-known as the frontman for Baltimore bruisers Trapped Under Ice, one of the most influential hardcore bands of the past decade and a half. Three other Angel Du$t members also play in fellow Baltimore hardcore wreckers Turnstile. But Angel Du$t (a circa-2016 Stereogum Band To Watch) don’t make hardcore. Instead, the band plays around with pop-punk, with power-pop, and with classic rock. They play acoustic guitars and sometimes harmonicas. They’re different.

Last year, Angel Du$t released the excellent album Pretty Buff. Today, they’ve followed it up by dropping the new three-song EP Lil House clear out of the sky. The band recorded the EP with Elliott Smith/Beck producer Rob Schnapf, and its three songs represent probably their poppiest tracks yet. These are catchy, peppy, uptempo pop-rock songs with zero detectable hardcore influence, and it’s not hard to imagine them ending up in alt-rock radio rotation or soundtracking commercials.

Justice Tripp is still capable of making some nasty-ass music, and he proved that in May, when he teamed up with powerviolence destroyers Regional Justice Center for the two-song single Regional Jurtice Center. This EP is the opposite of that. The man contains multitudes.

Lead single “Never Ending Game” — which seems to have nothing to do with the impossibly tough Detroit hardcore band of the same name — has a cartoonish video about an older man reliving past football glories. Check out that video and the other two new Angel Du$t songs below.

The Lil House EP is out now on Roadrunner.

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