Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh Terrorized By Neighborhood TikTok Influencers’ “COVID Parties”

Remember when insufferable YouTubers were terrorizing LA neighborhoods with their wild parties and outrageous Jackass-style stunts? Nowadays TikTok influencers are have taken up that mantle. Consider the Sway House, an $8.2 million rented Hollywood Hills mansion inhabited by the 21-year-old TikTok star Bryce Hall (pictured above with fellow influencer Addison Rae) plus 19-year-olds Noah Beck and Blake Gray. Last week Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti shut off power to the house after neighbors repeatedly complained about the crazy happenings in and outside it, including a so-called “COVID party” with minimal pandemic safety restrictions.

As the UK tabloid The Daily Mail reports, revelers at the Appian Way home have turned the area into a “party warzone” marked by “defecating and urinating in the street, having sex in cars, smoking marijuana in a fire risk area, and blocking the street until dawn.” Noise and damage complaints from neighbors resulted in multiple visits from the LAPD (including, per a neighbor known as Catherine, at least one SWAT team deployment) before the power was cut last Wednesday, Aug. 19. One of those concerned neighbors, it turns out, is Mark Mothersbaugh from the pioneering post-punk and new wave band Devo.

Mothersbaugh reportedly lives two doors down from the Sway House and, because of its residents’ uncontrollable urges, he can’t get no satisfaction. His wife, Anita, told that her 70-year-old husband was in the ICU with coronavirus back in June. “This virus is no joke, I’ve experienced it first-hand,” she said. “There was a week where my daughters thought [Mark] would die.” Anita says she’s angry at the Sway House crew for disturbing the Devo legend’s recovery: “It makes me crazy, the sheer inconsideration. It goes on all day long. There are people in the pool screaming, they’re blasting music and there are cars parked all down the street.”

So basically they’d say the neighborhood has devolved? In all seriousness, get well soon, Mark Mothersbaugh, and don’t be idiots, kids!