Blood From The Soul – “Debris Of Dreams”

Blood From The Soul – “Debris Of Dreams”

27 years ago, Shane Embury started a new band. Embury, the longtime bassist of extreme metal legends Napalm Death, formed Blood From The Soul, a one-off side project with Lou Koller, frontman of New York hardcore legends Sick Of It All. Together, they made To Spite The Gland That Breeds, an album that didn’t really sound anything like either of those guys’ full-time bands. Instead, To Spite The Gland That Breeds was Godflesh-informed industrial metal, with drum machines instead of actual drums. Then nobody heard from that band again. But today, Blood From The Soul have returned, and they’ve got a whole new lineup.

Napalm Death actually toured with Sick Of It All last year, but Lou Koller isn’t a part of Blood From The Soul anymore. Instead, Embury is doing this project with Jacob Bannon, longtime Converge frontman and co-founder of the great heavy-music label Deathwish, Inc. Bannon has been busy outside of Converge lately. Last year, he released an album with his vaguely gothy side project Wear Your Wounds. This year, he announced the formation of Umbra Vitae, a death metal supergroup, and they released the debut album Shadow Of Life. Embury has been busy, too. Napalm Death just released their new album Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism last month, and it rules. But Bannon and Embury aren’t done, and the new version of Blood From The Soul will release the album DSM-5 next month.

Bannon isn’t the only new member. This time around, Blood From The Soul is a fully fleshed-out band, with Megadeth monster Dirk Verbeuren replacing the drum machines of the last album. Embury does guitar, bass, and electronics, while Jesper Liveröd, from Swedish grindcore band Nasum, also plays bass. Bannon announced the new version of the band in a new interview with (of all possible places) Forbes, and he says that he tried to write dystopian sci-fi lyrics rather than intense and personal ones.

The band has shared the new single “Debris Of Dreams,” and it’s actually a little more approachable than much of the music that Embury and Bannon make. The song is still heavy and jittery and abrasive, but it moves from discordant riffage to a big, melodic chorus that isn’t entirely unpretty. Below, check out “Debris Of Dreams” and the new album’s tracklist.

01 “Fang Tooth Claw”
02 “Ascend The Spine”
03 “Calcified Youth”
04 “Debris Of Dreams”
05 “Dismantle The Titan”
06 “Encephalon Escape”
07 “Subtle Fragment”
08 “Terminal Youth”
09 “Sharpened Heart”
10 “Self Deletion”
11 “Lurch Of Loss”
12 “DSM-5″

DSM-5 is out 11/13 on Deathwish, Inc. Pre-order it here.

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