No Thank You – “Everything Or Nothing”

Next week, No Thank You are releasing their third LP, Embroidered Foliage. They’ve shared two songs from it so far, “Enough” and “Letter Writing Contest,” and today they’re back with a third, a ripper called “Everything Or Nothing.” It takes off at a gallop and builds into a full-on run.

The band manages to do a lot in only two minutes, as Kaytee Della Monica paints a portrait of a feverish specter of self-doubt: “Now he haunts my every movement/ I can feel his eyes, but he’s translucent,” she sings. “Seasoned hands left their curse but somehow taught me what I was worth, that I was something he didn’t deserve.” Check it out below.

Embroidered Foliage is out 10/23 via Lame-O Records. Pre-order it here.

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