SALEM – “Red River”

SALEM returned after a long absence last month with “Starfall” and rumblings of a new album and now, a month after their debut album turned 10, they’ve officially announced that they are finally releasing a second album. It’s called Fires In Heaven and it’ll be out very soon, on 10/30. The band, which is now just Jack Donoghue and John Holland, started work on the album in a northern Michigan cabin, recorded most of it on Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, and finished it in Los Angeles with Shlohmo. It was mastered by Mike Dean.

“There has always been a lot of surrender in SALEM,” the band said in some press material. “People always pick up on the negative aspects of the music. And in the past, that was what we were going through. But surrender has always been the core element.” Today, they’re sharing another advance single called “Red River,” which you can listen to below.

01 “Capulets”
02 “Fires In Heaven”
03 “Crisis”
04 “Sears Tower”
05 “Starfall”
06 “Wings”
07 “Red River”
08 “Old Gods”
09 “Braids”
10 “DieWithMe”
11 “Not Much Of A Life”

Fires In Heaven is out 10/30. Pre-order it here.