Tigers Jaw – “Cat’s Cradle”

Tigers Jaw – “Cat’s Cradle”

The Scranton post-hardcore band Tigers Jaw has now been around for so long, and been through so many different incarnations, that there’s now a whole band of ex-Tigers Jaw members out there making music. (Pray For Pain released their debut EP Pain back in June. All three members of the band — including Adam McIlwee, who now makes music as Wicca Phase Springs Eternal — used to be in Tigers Jaw.) But real-deal Tigers Jaw is still charging along just fine. Today, the band announces that they’ll release a new LP called I Won’t Care How You Remember Me early next year.

I Won’t Care How You Remember Me, and it follows 2017’s Spin. Earlier this year, the band signed to Hopeless Records and dropped the one-off single “Warn Me” in celebration. Tigers Jaw recorded I Won’t Care How You Remember Me with longtime producer Will Yip, and all four members of the band share songwriting duties for the first time. Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull sings backup on the title track.

Tigers Jaw just dropped a video for first single “Cat’s Cradle.” It’s a catchy, polished, propulsive bit of business that’s driven just as much by keyboard as guitar. Brianna Collins sings lead on it, and her voice sounds awesome. Below, check out the “Cat’s Cradle” video, check out the new album’s tracklist, and read what the band has to say about it.

01 “I Won’t Care How You Remember Me”
02 “Cat’s Cradle”
03 “Hesitation”
04 “New Detroit”
05 “Can’t Wait Forever”
06 “Lemon Mouth”
07 “Body Language”
08 “Commit”
09 “Never Wanted To”
10 “Heaven Apart”
11 “Anniversary”

In a press release, Brianna Collins says:

“Cat’s Cradle” is about the realization that no matter how much love, effort and consideration you put into a friendship, sometimes it just isn’t enough to make it work. The lyrics reflect on how being passive aggressive and not communicating directly can just lead to tension, confusion, and frustration in any relationship. Confrontation can be really challenging, especially when you’re worried about how what you feel might make someone else feel, and I have the tendency to suppress my own concerns and apologize first. With this song, I wanted to acknowledge my own thoughts and emotions without feeling bad for having them.

I Won’t Care How You Remember Me is out 3/5/21 on Hopeless Records.

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