Stream The Demo From The New Drug Church/Regional Justice Center Side Project Sex With A Terrorist

Stream The Demo From The New Drug Church/Regional Justice Center Side Project Sex With A Terrorist

Ian Shelton has been busy this year. Shelton is the man behind the Seattle power-violence band Regional Justice Center, and they have released a pair of great records this year: Regional Jurtice Center, a two-song collaboration with Trapped Under Ice’s Justice Tripp, and the monumental ripper “KKK Tattoo.” Shelton has also formed a new band called Militarie Gun, who specialize in a catchy, bouncy form of post-hardcore noise-rock, and their debut EP My Life Is Over absolutely destroys. Today, Shelton has unveiled another band, and that new band has the excellent name Sex With A Terrorist.

Shelton’s main partner in Sex With A Terrorist is Patrick Kindlon, one of the other people who you might expect to be involved in a band called Sex With A Terrorist. Kindlon is the leader of the Albany bands Drug Church and Self Defense Family, the latter of which sometimes counts Ian Shelton as a member. Earlier this year, Drug Church released the new song “Bliss Out,” while Self Defense Family have been putting out a series of previously unreleased archival singles. Kindlon is also one of the co-hosts of the hardcore-themed podcast Axe To Grind, a show I really like.

In SWAT, Shelton, Kindlon, and their bandmates make a fast, raw, sloppy form of punk rock, one that sits right in that Void zone of overdriven chaos. Shelton recorded all the instruments on an iPhone, and you can tell. Kindlon commandingly screams indictments of other people’s self-righteouness: “Moral high ground, what a novel idea/ The new lecture state your goddamn ideal/ You scold to control, then cop a feel/ Browbeat to control, the cop in you is real.”

The new Sex With A Terrorist demo is four songs long. Three of those songs are extremely short. The other is “Screenshot Hardcore,” a three-minute unrelenting-cynicism dirge. Portrayal Of Guilt’s new shit is no longer the nastiest new music you will hear today. Check out the SWAT demo below.

The Sex With A Terrorist demo is out now on Convulse/Bad Mouth.

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