Watch Grimes Get Tortured On The Eric Andre Show

Watch Grimes Get Tortured On The Eric Andre Show

Grimes appeared on the most recent episode of The Eric Andre Show, which aired as part of Adult Swim’s lineup on Sunday. The segment, which was filmed back when Grimes was still pregnant, has Andre introducing “Grimes And Punishment” and performing as she’s tortured in various different ways.

In a recent interview, Andre talked about how the collaboration came about. “She’s great. You know, we’re friends and she’s a fan of the show. I had a BBQ at my house a few years ago and she goes to me, ‘You know, you never have women on as the music guest.’ And I explained to her, it’s because we always torture the musical guest,” he said, continuing:

I’m always beating them with bats or electrocuting them, so it’s not a good look if I’m like torturing a woman. [Laughs.] And she goes, ‘Yeah, that makes sense but I wanna do the show. Fuck it, you can torture me!’

“I was like, ‘Alright, fuck it. Let’s go.’ So we did a bit called ‘Grimes and Punishment,’ where she’s tied to like a medieval torture rack and she’s being like stretched and we’re like burning her feet and all this shit. She was totally down. [Laughs.] And then later I found out she was pregnant and hadn’t announced it yet! I was like, ‘You just talked me into torturing a pregnant woman!’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, but it was fucking awesome!'”

Grimes shared the clip from the show today on Twitter and added: “Thanks @ericandre for letting me get tortured on the show!”

Kraft Punk makes an appearance too. Watch below.

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