Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

We made it through relaunch week, though I promise we are still working diligently on fixing things that are not working. If you notice something amiss — including but not limited to: missing search bar, missing comment histories, improperly formatted old articles, incorrect Most Commented data, and embed blocking in EU — it’s almost certainly a bug and not a feature. We hear all of you who want The Number Ones score moved back to the bottom and we will roll that back, hopefully next week. Oh, and if you lost your avatar, you should be able to re-upload it at using your Stereogum login email and password.

We published a lot of excellent interviews and lists this week (IMHO) and if you’re a daily reader who doesn’t wanna go clicking through the top menus, be aware that the homepage does contain links to everything we publish. The most recent articles display above the fold, and a conventional reverse chronological list continues below Heavy Rotation. Nothing is hidden, and there’s no longer a need for a Page 2, etc. (You’ll get used to this.)

There is a reason we had so many launch issues — we had to make big changes to some stuff Sunday night — but I won’t bother detailing that because ONWARDS AND UPWARDS. It’s tough in the media business these days, especially independent publications, so give yourself a pat on the back for helping Stereogum reach its crowdfunding goal and making this redesign possible.


#10  doogie_browser
Score:33 | Nov 11th

god, i’m so embarrassed. i had no idea that one of them was florida and the other was georgia. don’t even get me started on the line.

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#9  dustrock
Score:34 | Nov 9th

I’ll probably post this next time as well.

Anyone else prefer the score for the song at the very bottom? I kinda liked it when I had to read through Tom’s entire Ode/Rant before finding out the score.

Especially for something like this – would he give it 1/10? 0/10?

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#8  bakedbeans
Score:35 | Nov 12th

Tom has opened up a new realm of #analysis with the word-based frequency section. People are going to comb past articles for usage, both in article and in comments, of “plop,” “chunk,” “slap,”etc.

I don’t usually comment in the vaunted TNOCS but I appreciate it so much. I don’t buy into the TNOCS/normie commenter divide, I think the community that has built up around this to be so amazing and organic. But it’s clear that it wouldn’t be possible without Tom’s labor of love.

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#7  makepacer
Score:35 | Nov 11th

With this and the Hanson news this morning, we just need Beck and Courtney Love to pop up in this news cycle for the bridge of New Radicals’ “You Get What You Give” to finally manifest itself in full.

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#6  sandro
Score:38 | Nov 9th

I like the old stereogum. I like the new stereogum. I like stereogum

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#4  Analogbrat
Score:41 | Nov 9th

No man should have all that power.

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#3  Scott Lapatine
Score:43 | Nov 9th

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#1  64percentmice
Score:73 | Nov 9th

I have one gripe to gripe!

The Number Ones score should be revealed at the end instead of sitting right on top! A huge pleasure of the 100s of these columns over the last couple years has been reading through the whole thing before getting to the end and seeing that payoff! Seeing the big stinky “3/10” at the top sucks some of the pleasure out of the journey that is The Number Ones.

STOP THE COUNT (until the end of the article)!

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#5  zoobreak
Score:-9 | Nov 11th

Johnny Depp…sounds familiar…wasn’t he that actor who got framed by his girlfriend?

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#4  CowboyDan
Score:-9 | Nov 6th

Exactly…the people on here celebrating and mourning the loss of a dude with murder and attempted murder charges…jeez, your priorities are rather something to say the least

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#3  ShadowMorpheus
Score:-10 | Nov 9th

Turned off adblockplus, ghostery and decentraleyes. Cleared cache and cookies and all that. Logged out and back in. Closed chrome. Nothing changed. Really dislike it. Doubt I will be back, but genuinely hope that it brings you more ad revenue. Peace.

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#2  SilicaDoNotEat
Score:-11 | Nov 11th

Wait, so if I heard raptorjesus owned a dog for a while and people noticed it walked funny, we can draw bestiality conclusions?

Gonna have to go with hanging up on this one. Yes the dude is a walking train wreck but she never publicly pointed the finger at him, so it’s conjecture.

Meanwhile King Von beats a couple murder charges and dies in a gunfight and you collectively shed tears. Am I missing something or is provable abuse and threatening to kill somebody not something the legal system has levers to pull?

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#1  jtemperance
Score:-11 | Nov 6th

Murder and attempted murder charges? What a fucking great guy.

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Score:19 | Nov 11th

outrageous how women are always being told to “smile” or “you’d look more competent handling that panda if you wore less makeup”

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