Stream Respire’s Spectacular New Album Black Line

Stream Respire’s Spectacular New Album Black Line

Respire make the kind of music that makes you’re flying and drowning at the same time. The Toronto sextet come from the world of screamo, but their sound also draws on black metal and shoegaze and post-rock, sometimes all at once. Respire can be majestically beautiful and punishingly fearsome, and those tendencies never seem to be at war with one another. Instead, they’re parts of the same whole.

Today, Respire have followed up their 2018 album Dénouement with the stirring and intense new LP Black Line. The new album was originally set for release last month, but Respire joined the exodus from their old label Holy Roar after that label’s founder was accused of rape and sexual abuse. That decision forced the band to delay the release of Black Line, but the album is here now, and it’s spectacular.

We’ve already posted the early Black Line tracks “Tempest,” “Cicatrice,” and “To Our Dead Friends.” Those songs all rule, but Respire are the kind of band who demand to be heard at epic length. Black Line is a vast, epic album, the kind of album where blastbeats share space with violins. Stream it below.

Black Line is out now on Church Road Records, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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