Black Country, New Road – “Track X”

Black Country, New Road – “Track X”

The buzzy, twitchy UK band Black Country, New Road have been building their name for a while now, and they’re about to release their full-length debut For The First Time. We’ve already posted first single “Science Fair.” Today, they’ve followed it up with the twinkly, meditative new song “Track X.”

“Track X” is a bit of a lane-switch for Black Country, New Road. Most of the band’s songs have been convulsive, jazz-addled post-punkers. This one is a soft, thoughtful, relatively quiet track. It’s got an off-kilter time-signature, and notes of discordance float around in its periphery. But at base, it’s a warm, pretty song. Check it out below.

Bandleader Isaac Wood says:

“Track X” is a song we first worked on in 2018 but one that never made it out into our live performances. We decided to resurrect it during the recording of For The Tirst Time and assemble it in the studio. The story is old but a good one and worth telling. We believe that people will enjoy singing along.

For The First Time is out 2/5 on Ninja Tune.

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