Steady Holiday – “Love Me When I Go To Sleep”

Steady Holiday – “Love Me When I Go To Sleep”

Over the last couple months, Dre Babinski has been sharing some great new Steady Holiday tracks — “Living Life” and “Tangerine” — and now she’s officially announcing her next album, which is called Take The Corners Gently. It was produced by Rilo Kiley’s Blake Sennett and will be out next month.

Today, she’s sharing “Love Me When I Go To Sleep,” a new track which comes with a touching video in which she sings the song to her grandfather. It’s a stark and simple acoustic number about appreciating the little things: “I’ll do the dishes, make some tea/ I just want some kind of normalcy/ Love me when I go to sleep,” Babinski hopes on it.

“This was written pre-pandemic, so the theme of gratitude for just being alive has taken on more responsibility,” Babinski said in a statement. “I’ve never felt more fragile, and yet my 92-year-old grandpa continues to wake up alive. There are no rules, which I’m still trying to accept.”

Check out a video for the song below.

Take The Corners Gently is out 2/12. Pre-order it here.

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