Quavo Set To Make Movie Debut Opposite John Malkovich And Robert DeNiro

Quavo Set To Make Movie Debut Opposite John Malkovich And Robert DeNiro

Alongside his work in Migos, Quavo’s already got some acting credits to his name. He’s appeared in shows like Atlanta, Black-ish, Ballers, and Narcos. But now Quavo’s set to make his film debut, and it’s alongside some pretty heavy-hitting stars.

An announcement today detailed Randall Emmett’s new movie Wash Me In The River, which is currently filming in Puerto Rico. Touted as “an action-thriller in the vein of No Country For Old Men,” it stars Robert DeNiro, John Malkovich, Jack Huston, and Quavo. The story is about a recovering addict who “seeks revenge on the dealer responsible for selling the drugs that resulted in his fiancé’s death.” Quavo’s role is that dealer, a character named Coyote.

“I honestly think this movie is going to be one of the greatest to come of this time,” Quavo said in a statement. “The experience was unbelievable for me with Robert DeNiro and Jack Huston being so down to earth and making me feel like family. Gonna see me doing some stunts and a lot of what you hear from me in my raps! This is one of my biggest debuts I’ve ever had and so proud of what we did and to get to work with Randall who’s such an amazing guy — I can’t wait to do more films with him.”

“Quavo is a superstar and a real actor,” Emmett added. “Getting to see him bring the Coyote character to life is very exciting, and I think he is going to have a film career equally as big as his music.”

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