L.A. Exes – “Temporary Goodbye”

L.A. Exes – “Temporary Goodbye”

The singer-songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs has been cranking out her own music since 2005, and she’s also been helping other people write theirs. (Youngs co-wrote Panic! At The Disco’s “High Hopes”! That’s wild!) Youngs is still making music on her own. Last year, for instance, she covered Katy Perry and Blink-182. Next month, she’ll release a new EP called Echo Mountain. But Youngs also has a new band, and they just dropped their first single.

Jenny Owen Youngs is one quarter of the new band L.A. Exes. In the group, Youngs plays alongside fellow music-business professionals Sam Barbera, Rachel White, and Steph Barker. Their first single is called “Temporary Goodbye,” and they recorded it with Panic! At The Disco/Weezer producer Jake Sinclair. It’s a jump, fizzy piece of power-pop about wanting to get away from all the stressful shit that’s constantly surrounding you: “Think I need a vacation/ Throw my phone in the ocean/ Time focused on burying my aching head in the sand.” Check it out below.

In a press release, L.A. Exes say:

“Temporary Goodbye” is about that feeling you get when the world is stomping on you, and you just want to hit the eject button so you can catch your breath. In a way, starting the band felt like an act of escapism in itself. Even though music is inherently fun, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of that fact when it’s also your job. From day one, writing these songs has always been about having a blast.

“Temporary Goodbye” is out now on Black Rainbow Records. L.A. Exes are planning on releasing their debut album later this year.

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