Evan Dando Serenades Cape Cod Walgreens That Found His Wallet

Evan Dando Serenades Cape Cod Walgreens That Found His Wallet

Evan Dando lost his wallet last week. Obviously, this greatly concerned the longtime Lemonheads leader, so he loaded up the Twitter account he had barely used since last summer to recruit a search party. “I dropped my wallet with my drivers license and two debit cards in it . i was walking from the mariner hotel to the palmer lot,” he wrote in one of multiple pleas to his fellow Cape Cod residents. “please have a look if you are on them streets.” This proved to be a fruitful strategy: “I work at Walgreens in Falmouth and your wallet was just turned in to us,” wrote Twitter user Mike Ghelfi. “I’ll keep it in the office safe until you can get it.”

This was great news for Dando, and it turned out to be great news for the patrons of Walgreens. Upon retrieving his wallet, Dando gave an impromptu performance at Walgreens by the Utz potato chips. It’s unclear how many songs he played, but Ghelfi shared footage of “Confetti,” one of many flawless guitar-pop masterpieces from 1992’s It’s A Shame About Ray. Here’s the video evidence:

This has been a great excuse to listen to the whole album this morning, and I encourage you all to join me because It’s A Shame About Ray rules. Congrats to Evan Dando on recovering your wallet and on writing one of the absolute best albums of the ’90s.

Also, congrats to this person for shooting their shot:

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