Little Simz – “Introvert”

Little Simz – “Introvert”

Last year, Little Simz released a great EP called Drop 6, one of our favorite EPs of 2020. That was an impressive collection of music, but it turns out it was a little stopgap between much bigger statements. In 2019, Simz released her acclaimed debut Grey Area, which earned her a Mercury Prize nomination. Now, she’s returning with a sophomore album called Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, and it seems to promise that Simz’s music has only grown in scope and ambition.

Sprawling over 19 tracks, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is touted as a massive, genre-bending work. It kicks off with “Introvert,” the lead single Simz has shared alongside the announcement. Don’t take the title at face value — there is nothing restrained or isolated about the song. It begins with big cinematic drums and strings, and finds Simz grappling with heavy themes over a surging, dramatic arrangement from there. A press release describes the song as depicting “lives lived in the cross-hairs of society, fueled by fear, exhaustion, frustration, but also a kind of white hot political awakening.” If this is an overture, a moment where Little Simz is setting the stakes for her new album, it’s setting up big expectations for Sometimes I Might Be Introvert both musically and thematically.

“Introvert” also comes with a video directed by Salomon Lightelm, interspersing scenes of Little Simz with old artworks, archival protest footage, and other scenes. Check it out below.


01 “Introvert”
02 “Woman” (Feat. Cleo Sol)
03 “Two Worlds Apart”
04 “I Love You, I Hate You”
05 “Little Q Pt 1 (Interlude)”
06 “Little Q Pt 2”
07 “Gems (Interlude)”
08 “Speed”
09 “Standing Ovation”
10 “I See You”
11 “The Rapper That Came To Tea (Interlude)”
12 “Rollin Stone”
13 “Protect My Energy”
14 “Never Make Promises (Interlude)”
15 “Point and Kill” (Feat. Obongjayar)
16 “Fear No Man”
17 “The Garden (Interlude)”
18 “How Did You Get Here”
19 “Miss Understood”

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is out 9/3 via Age 101. Pre-order it here.

Nwaka Okparaeke

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