Stream Black Midi’s New Album Cavalcade

Stream Black Midi’s New Album Cavalcade

We’ve heard over and over again that the pandemic changed modern life forever, but here’s one aspect of 2019 life that remains the same in 2021: Black Midi are a singular, polarizing presence in indie rock. Like the London Band To Watch‘s debut Schlagenheim before it, the new Cavalcade is unafraid to alienate listeners with a gnarled, volatile form of experimental rock music. The songs contort themselves into bizarre shapes and tangles, only to explode outward at unexpected angles. It’s like they’ve crammed parts of prog, jazz, metal, and several more esoteric touchpoints into an industrial trash compactor and documented the resulting wreckage.

Black Midi have already shared half of Cavalcade ahead of time, but today — 34 hours ahead of the album’s official release — the world gets to hear those four advance tracks in the context of the whole. Band members Geordie Greep, Cameron Picton, and Morgan Simpson are debuting their latest opus in a YouTube livestream starting at 2PM ET. At the appointed time, dig into it below.

Cavalcade is out 5/28 on Rough Trade.

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