Filth Is Eternal – “On The Rake”

Filth Is Eternal – “On The Rake”

The Seattle hardcore band Filth Is Eternal used to be known as Fucked And Bound. Fucked And Bound was their band name when they released their 2018 debut album Suffrage, and Fucked And Bound was their name up until last month, when they unveiled their new moniker. (Per a press release, Filth Is Eternal changed their name “to more accurately celebrate their divine vulgarity.” When Filth Is Eternal formally changed their name, they marked the occasion by dropping the supremely grimy one-off single “ZED.” Today, the band has announced its next album and dropped another ripper.

Later this summer, Filth Is Eternal will release the new album Love Is A Lie, Filth Is Eternal. Band members Lisa Mungo and Brian McClelland co-produced the album, and they’ve dropped the single for opening track and first single “On The Rake.” It’s a nasty one.

Where “ZED” was more of slowed-down, grimy evocation of ’90s noise-rock, “On The Rake” is more in line with the fast, jagged music that Filth Is Eternal made on Suffrage. The song is a feverish D-beat sprint with a guttural lead vocal from Mungo, and it’s over in just over a minute. This shit will fuck you up. Check out the Jake Gravbot-directed video and the album’s tracklist below.

01 “On The Rake”
02 “The Chain”
03 “Strange Men”
04 “Private Room”
05 “Wigsplitter”
06 “Love Is A Lie”
07 “Deeper Void”
08 “Nosebleed”
09 “The Dog”
10 “The Ritual”
11 “Pearl Slug”
12 “Filth Is Eternal”

Filth Is Eternal, Love Is A Lie is out 8/27 on Quiet Panic in the US and Church Road in the UK.

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