Lone – “Hidden By Horizons” (Feat. Morgane Diet)

Lone – “Hidden By Horizons” (Feat. Morgane Diet)

It’s been five years since Matt Cutler, the UK producer who records as Lone, released Levitate, his last proper album. This fall, Cutler will return with a new LP called Always Inside Your Head. Today, Cutler has dropped the first single, the shimmering head-knocker “Hidden By Horizons” — the first Lone track ever to feature a guest vocalist.

Lone’s sound has always been futuristic club music, but on “Hidden By Horizons,” you can hear him applying those ideas to different styles. According to a press release, Cutler’s two big influences for this album were My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins: “I wanted to approach a range of different styles but attack them from their angle in a way. So for example on ‘Inlove2,’ I tried to imagine what a Balearic/acid house tune might sound like if it were produced by Kevin Shields.”

“Hidden By Horizons” is a hazy, drifting track with a pillowy vocal from the British singer Morgane Diet. But the song also has heavy breakbeats that phase in and out, recalling the blissed-out ’90s drum ‘n’ bass of producers like LTJ Bukem. The video, from director Felix Green, is full of landscape shots and UFO iconography. Check it out below.

01 “Hidden By Horizons”
02 “Realise”
03 “Echo Paths”
04 “Visited By Astronauts”
05 “Inlove2”
06 “Mouth Of God”
07 “Akoya”
08 “Tree For Tree”
09 “Undaunted”
10 “Coming Into Being And Passing Away”

Always Inside Your Head is out 10/22 on Greco-Roman.

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