Alice Longyu Gao – “Kanpai”

Alice Longyu Gao – “Kanpai”

The producer Alice Longyu Gao has been releasing a string of reliably weird, hyperpoppy singles over the last couple years. In 2021 so far she’s put out “She Abunai (with Mura Masa and Bülow), “Legend” (with Alice Glass), and “Underrated Popstar.” Today, she’s back with another one, a glittery and frenetic one called “Kanpai,” whose chorus is some silly nonsense: “My name on your lips like liquor lipstick.” It’s good fun! Here’s Gao on the track:

My best friend Madison Emiko Love and I wrote this song three years ago. Her grandma is a Japanese immigrant and we always want to champion & plug our culture everywhere we go. We’ve been waiting to put this song out, cuz back then no one with power in western music realized the power of Asian pop culture, no one really cared to put Asian talents on the table. The material world was asleep cuz they didn’t see the money-benefits. ‘Kanpai’ means cheers in Chinese, Japanese and Korean; the joyful vibe translates perfectly throughout the song. The braggy-docious, rap-y bridge part in the song is what I wish for, it’s not my reality yet. Last year was dark for me, and for everyone. But now it is time to regroup and restart, this song wakes me up in the morning, it reminds me that I came to this earth with a mission. I aspire to inspire and benefit other people’s lives. I do that through my art.

Watch a video for it below.

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