Field Music – “Someplace Dangerous”

Field Music – “Someplace Dangerous”

Field Music just released their new album Flat White Moon a few months ago. Today, the British art-rock duo are announcing that they’re going to follow it up with a new EP called Another Shot, and they’re already sharing opening track “Someplace Dangerous.”

“It’s a story of a change of circumstances and fear of that change,” the band’s Peter Brewis explains. “It’s a move to a new place where all the old certainties, of the future and the sense of self, are questioned by a series of seemingly banal domestic images.”

Listen to “Someplace Dangerous” below.

01 “Someplace Dangerous”
02 “Endlessly”
03 “The Unfamiliar Word”
04 “Things Can Never Be The Same”

Another Shot EP is out 10/15 on Memphis Industries. Pre-order it here.

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