The Weather Station – “Better Now” & “Look”

The Weather Station – “Better Now” & “Look”

Who doesn’t love the Weather Station? Tamara Lindeman has outdone herself with each successive album, and her latest masterpiece — this year’s Ignorance — has ballooned into a deluxe edition today. The expanded tracklist tacks on live and piano versions of select songs, plus the previously unreleased “Look” and “Better Now.”

Lindeman is putting a special spotlight on “Better Now” with this release. She had this to say about the track: “I wrote ‘Better Now’ in Banff, Alberta, in stolen moments as I was teaching songwriting and writing for myself. It’s all just true; the mountains, the piano, the first line, the pain of being hurt and the joy of being alright anyways.”

Some further comments from Lindeman on the deluxe Ignorance:

Whenever you make anything, you have to leave things out; it’s a critical part of the process, but a painful one nonetheless. I’m glad to have the opportunity to revisit the paths not taken, and allow some of them out after all; quiet versions of songs that were redirected into rhythm, two of the songs we recorded but left off the album, and some live versions of the songs that have come to be since the recording. It has been overwhelming to have this album be so lovingly received, and it is wonderful to have the space to release more of it into the world.

Hear “Better Now” and “Look” below, as well as the full Ignorance (Deluxe).

Vol. 1
01 “Robber
02 “Atlantic
03 “Tried To Tell You
04 “Parking Lot
05 “Loss”
06 “Separated”
07 “Wear”
08 “Trust”
09 “Heart”
10 “Subdivisions”

Vol. 2
01 “Robber (Live)”
02 “Atlantic (Live)”
03 “Loss (Live)”
04 “Subdivisions (Piano Version)”
05 “Better Now”
06 “Tried To Tell You (Piano Version)”
07 “Parking Lot (Piano Version)”
08 “Heart (Piano Version)”
09 “Look”

Ignorance (Deluxe) is out now digitally and 11/19 physically on Fat Possum.

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