Diane Keaton Is Way Too Qualified To Star In Justin Bieber’s “Ghost” Video, But There She Is

Diane Keaton Is Way Too Qualified To Star In Justin Bieber’s “Ghost” Video, But There She Is

In 1978, Diane Keaton won the Best Actress Oscar for playing the titular role in Annie Hall. Sixteen years later, Justin Bieber was born. Today, Keaton, the 75-year-old screen legend, plays Justin Bieber’s grandma in his melodramatic new video for “Ghost.” She’s almost certainly not going to win another Oscar for this one.

“Ghost” is one of the songs from Justice, the album that Bieber released earlier this year, and it might be inspired by the recent death of Bieber’s grandfather. The clip opens with almost psychedelically wholesome images of Bieber with his grandparents, and then it goes right into a funeral scene. Bieber then spends the rest of the Colin Tilley-directed clip attempting to cheer up Keaton — buying her clothes, taking her out to lunch, helping her scatter her late husband’s ashes in the surf while dolphins jump up to greet them.

Diane Keaton actually has a long history with music videos; she directed the clips for Belinda Carlisle’s 1987 hits “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” and “I Get Weak.” Talking to Vogue, Keaton says how she ended up in this Bieber video. Bieber apparently specifically wanted Keaton, and he called her personally to ask her to do it. Keaton says “I said, ‘yeah, sure.’ I thought the song was wonderful… This was just sheer fun. All my life, I’ve been an actress and had lines, and sometimes I’ve gotten to loosen them up a little — but this was just completely loose and relaxed. Nobody ever [told me to do] anything, which made it so much fun.”

Keaton also says that all the clothes in the video are her own: “The outfits were indicative of my style because they’re mine. Some of the outfits are from my closet. I had some wonderful things from Gucci… That coat is really killer for me. It’s my favorite. A coat is the greatest thing in the world for a person like me, who’s kind of odd. Let’s face it: I’m willing to accept the fact that I’m a little odd… I don’t count my hats, but I’ve kept all my old hats. For me, a hat is a friend.” You couldn’t write a better Diane Keaton line than “for me, a hat is a friend.”

Keaton also had nice things to say about Bieber himself: “He’s totally charming. He had to have his arm around me when we were walking into the ocean….If I felt like hugging him, I’d hug him. He was stuck with me. I kept thinking, ‘Oh, this poor guy.'”

I’m glad Diane Keaton had a good time making this Justin Bieber video. You can watch it below.


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