Crazy Frog Returns To Sell NFTs, Receives Death Threats

Crazy Frog Returns To Sell NFTs, Receives Death Threats

Crazy Frog — remember him? The ringtone-era celebrity, whose “Axel F” was an early viral hit, has returned. And, as all crazy frogs do nowadays, he’s gotten involved with cryptocurrency. A few days ago, the team behind Crazy Frog kicked off the animated character’s grand comeback with a new single (a remix of Run-DMC’s “It’s Tricky“) and an NFT collection. That NFT collection did not go over well with those out there on the internet who thought that Crazy Frog’s return was only to sell some crypto cash, and Crazy Frog received some death threats.

The people behind Crazy Frog have been forced to issue multiple statements on Twitter addressing the backlash. “As seen before, there have been quite a few fake, scam NFTs trying to use the Crazy Frog name in the past,” they explain. “Simply put, the only way we can truly stop them for good is to make our own.” That statement was issued on December 10, but the threats did not stop there.

Yesterday, the Crazy Frog Twitter account had to post another statement pleading for a stop to all the madness. “Hello, everyone. We would like to start this message by acknowledging that while we appreciate all the valid criticism toward NFTs, sending us death threats and other nasty things to our email isn’t cool or productive,” they begin.

The people who run the Crazy Frog social media accounts go on to distinguish themselves from the actual Crazy Frog, and hint at some discord behind the scenes:

We’ve noticed confusion about our positions, some even assuming we are the “Crazy Frog creators.” We, the social media guys, don’t have any control over NFTs or other decisions. We’re just fans of Crazy Frog like you all.

Nobody is forcing us to like each other’s ideas and the producer isn’t pressuring the creators. The creator is the producer. He’s in charge and we just follow. Please stop spreading this myth, as it’s blatantly untrue.

Everyone has a say in the brand matters, however the higher-ups have still decided to go forward with the project. Not all of us agree and we may sometimes express disapproval promoting it. We are allowed to do so and we have been only speaking from our own personal judgment.

The Crazy Frog NFTs drop on December 23, just in time for your last-minute virtual stockings.

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