Keith Buckley Explains His Side Of Every Time I Die’s Extremely Contentious Breakup

Duane Prokop/Getty Images

Keith Buckley Explains His Side Of Every Time I Die’s Extremely Contentious Breakup

Duane Prokop/Getty Images

In the past few days, the world has witnessed the extremely contentious breakup of Every Time I Die, the Buffalo metalcore band that had been going strong for more than 20 years. Longtime singer Keith Buckley had apparently reached a breaking point with the rest of the band, including his guitarist brother Jordan. Over the weekend, Jordan and fellow guitarist Andy Williams both posted a statement claiming that Keith had cut off all communication with the rest of the band and the that band was now completely finished. Keith responded by tweeting a scan of a cease-and-desist letter that he’d gotten from the rest of the band. Today, Keith has shared a longer statement about his own side of this sordid saga.

There’s a context to this split. Last month, in the middle of a tour, Keith announced that he was taking a short break from the band to look after his own mental health. The rest of the band said that they would finish the final three dates of the tour with members of the crowd singing, but they later cancelled those plans. Shortly afterward, Keith tweeted that he’d overheard the rest of the band discussing plans to replace him and that he was “being ostracized from the band I have built for 20 years.” Later in December, Keith rejoined Every Time I Die to play two sets at their Buffalo festival TID The Season, but those will evidently be the band’s last shows.

On his Twitter early this morning, Keith posted four scans of a long document with the phrase “this is my Truth. read it if you want to know it.” In that statement, Keith opens things up by claiming that he realized he was finished with Every Tie I Die when he got that cease-and-desist letter from his bandmates:

There is absolutely no hate in my heart when I say that whatever is going on with the guys from now on is between them and their God. Any emotional/mental connection I had to them was thoroughly severed when I got that letter on Dec. 20th. That is where our paths finally diverged completely.

Keith claims that his bandmates didn’t try to reach out to him before the TID The Season festival and that he didn’t hear anything from that after the festival until he received that cease-and-desist, which told him that he was no longer a member of Every Time I Die. Keith also said that he left the tour after hearing that conversation about the band planning to replace him in Asheville: “Honestly, I was fucking devastated.” He also says that he found out about the band’s plans to play the shows without him on Twitter and that he tried to reach out to them after leaving the tour.

Keith says that he complied with the terms of the cease-and-desist and that the rest of the band came back to him early in January “with an offer to give me back the band and — instead of separating from me — asked me to take the ETID name back and continue without them, with the condition that they receive payment for using the name and all likenesses while I toured.” Keith declined.

During these negotiations, tickets for upcoming Every Time I Die shows were still being sold. Keith says that worked with his lawyer to draft a statement about the band’s breakup and that he told the rest of the band that he’d post that statement if he didn’t hear from them. The other members of the band responded by posting their own statement about the breakup. Keith writes, “That is how I found out that the band I started when I was 19 years old was publicly over. In posting that without prior conversation, without legal consultation, without any personal sense of honor for the band we built, these men took away my ability to say goodbye to 20 years worth of sacrifice.”

Throughout the statement, Keith talks about his sobriety and mentions past issues within the band. At one point, he says, “We should’ve broken up in 2014 to be honest” but that he’s proud of the work that the band has done since then. He also believes that “the firm spiritual and political stance” that he took his his lyrics for Radical, the album that ETID released a few months ago, “became an insurmountable point of contention” between Keith and his brother Jordan.

Keith ends his statement by assuring everyone that he is doing well, and he ends things thus:

Please do not send any hate towards anyone regarding this. I sincerely with them everything they deserve. I have absolutely no plans to comment further.

This story, however, does not seem like it’s ending anytime soon.

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