Madi Diaz Teams Up With Waxahatchee For New Version Of “Resentment”

Madi Diaz Teams Up With Waxahatchee For New Version Of “Resentment”

Last year, after a long rollout, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter Madi Diaz released her album History Of A Feeling. One of the songs on that album sounded familiar before Diaz released her version of it. On the 2020 album High Road, Kesha included her version of “Resentment,” a scorching ballad that Diaz co-wrote. Kesha’s take on the song featured Brian Wilson and Sturgill Simpson on backing vocals. Diaz released her own version of “Resentment” after the Kesha one, and now she’s gotten together with Waxahatchee for a different take on “Resentment.”

Madi Diaz has just announced the forthcoming release of the new companion-piece EP Same History, New Feelings. The EP features four songs from History Of A Feeling that Diaz has re-recorded with her peers Angel Olsen, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Natalie Hemby. Today, she’s shared a spare, intense take on “Resentment” that she recorded with future tourmate Waxahatchee. On this new version, Diaz and Katie Crutchfield sing “Resentment” as a duet, and they hit some huge harmonies.

In a press release, Katie Crutchfield says, “I listened to [History Of A Feeling] more than anything else last year, and I think Madi is one of the most talented and exciting people putting out music right now. This specific song hits me so hard every time I hear it, and having the chance to sing harmonies with Madi is always a true thrill.” Listen below.

The Same History, New Feelings EP is out 3/4 on Anti-.

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