My Idea – “Cry Mfer”

My Idea – “Cry Mfer”

Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos were behind two of the last year’s best projects, Lily We Need To Talk Now and Water From Your Eyes’ Structure, and the pair also teamed up under the name My Idea for a debut EP. Today, Konigsberg and Amos are announcing My Idea’s first full-length project, CRY MFER, which will be out on April 22.

It was recorded while the duo was going through a rough patch in their friendship, and the whole process of making it led both of them to quit drinking. “In the moment I thought I was needing a big life change and shift, like I had been stuck in something, and I was right, I just went about it in a very wrong way,” Konigsberg explained in a statement, continuing:

And now the thing that I’m needing, I’m getting, actually, which is through being sober and getting my life together. I was telling myself a lot of stuff through those lyrics that was subconscious. I thought I was talking to other people, but I was talking to myself.

Listen to the title track below.

01 “Cry Mfer”
02 “Crutch”
03 “Baby I’m The Man”
04 “Lily’s Phone”
05 “Breathe You”
06 “Not Afraid Anymore”
07 “Yea”
08 “One Tree Hell” (Feat. Thanks For Coming)
09 “I Can’t Dance Part 2”
10 “Pretty You”
11 “I Should Have Never Generated You”
12 “Popstar”
13 “Yr A Blur”

CRY MFER is out 4/22 via Hardly Art. Pre-order it here.

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