Charli XCX Responds To Stan Criticisms Of Her New Single

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Charli XCX Responds To Stan Criticisms Of Her New Single

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Charli XCX has been hardcore promoting her forthcoming studio album, Crash, which is currently due out March 18. Today, she even released a new song and video, “Baby.” Anyway, it looks as if Charli has been watching the reactions roll out on social media. Naturally, some of those reactions included criticism; she even responded to a Stan who called her “mother.”

“If u wanna throw around midlife crisis fucking throw it at me,” Charli wrote. “I’m getting older, I’m getting hotter, my tits are stunning, I’m in great shape, I’m dancing, I’m progressing and I’m living my best life – and that the tea.”

She added: “Again – not bothered that some people will always have their preferred eras etc (that’s why it’s fun being an angel – there’s so much variety) – but if you don’t think baby is a bop then… idk that’s just v suspicious to me…”

Charli also responded to Stan “theories” that she was being “forced to dance” in her “Baby” video, writing, “Also – to answer other interesting theories below – no i’m not being forced to dance – totally my choice and one of the most liberating and fun decisions I’ve ever made.”

Finally, in a since-deleted tweet, Charli signed off: “Bitch BYE. I will NEVER understand what possesses people to be such C*NTS online.”

For what it’s worth, the fan who used the word “mother” tried to clarify that she meant the word as a compliment: “when i called u mother i meant ur like a SUPREME, not old i promise.”

This is not the first time Charli has described the stress she feels around social-media criticism. Earlier in the month, the pop star posted a statement talking about the toll that public negative feedback had taken on her mental health.

She wrote earlier in February: “I’ve noticed lately that a few people seem quite angry at me – for the choices of songs I’ve chosen to release, for the way I’ve decided to roll out my campaign, for the things I need to do to fund what will be the greatest tour I’ve ever done, for things I say, things I do, etc. I’ve been grappling quite a lot with my mental health the past few months and obviously it makes negativity and criticism harder to handle when I come across it – and of course, I know this is a common struggle for most people in this day and age. But yeah anyways.. I just wanted to get on here and say, hey I’m really out here trying my best and working my ass off to make things that are hot and exciting and there’s honestly so much more insane stuff to come !”

Crash is due out 3/18 via Asylum/Atlantic.

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