The Weeknd Voiced A Character On An Upcoming Simpsons Episode

The Weeknd Voiced A Character On An Upcoming Simpsons Episode

The Weeknd might be a sleek pop star with a new album and an upcoming stadium tour, but he’s also a big dork who loves cartoons. Other than appearing in music videos and playing himself in Uncut Gems, Abel Tesfaye has done very little acting. (Tesfaye is also starring in the forthcoming HBO series The Idol, but nobody’s seen that one yet.) Tesfaye has, however, made voice appearances on two animated shows, Robot Chicken and American Dad. In the case of American Dad, the Weeknd co-wrote his episode and used it to sing a song about abstinence. Today, we get word that the Weeknd will soon play a voice role in a third animated show, and it’s a big one.

The Simpsons was once the greatest show on television, and it’s been on the air for 32 years. (Fun fact: The Weeknd himself is almost exactly two months younger than The Simpsons.) The show isn’t the cultural juggernaut that it once was, but celebrities are still very excited to get cast on The Simpsons. Two years ago, Abel Tesfaye told Variety that a Simpsons appearance was on his “bucket list,” and now it’s happening.

According to Pitchfork, the Weeknd will play a character named Orion Hughes on an episode called “Bart The Cool Kid.” The episode will pit Homer and other local dads against a young streetwear influencer. Michael Rapaport will also guest. The episode airs 3/20.

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