Marci – “Immaterial Girl”

Marci – “Immaterial Girl”

Marci — aka Marta Cikojevic, keyboardist for the woozy Montreal indie band TOPS — released her debut solo single “Entertainment” earlier this year. Inevitably, that single is part of a debut solo album. Marci’s self-titled LP is out in August on Arbutus, and she’s sharing another song from the record today.

Like “Entertainment,” the new “Immaterial Girl” (and all the songs on Marci) are produced by TOPS’ David Carriere. This one continues the mildly lo-fi ’70s and ’80s pop feel heard on the previous single. It’s a funky, breezy track powered by squelchy keyboard and effervescent guitar, topped off by a soaring disco chorus. Director Chloé Soldevila’s video further accentuates the vibe. Watch below.

01 “All Of Your Love”
02 “Immaterial Girl”
03 “Entertainment”
04 “Terminal”
05 “Pass Time”
06 “Play By Play”
07 “Deeper Shade Of Blue”
08 “Call The Wild
09 “When Love Had Just Begun
10 “Electricity
11 “BB I Would Die”

Marci is out 8/5 on Arbutus. TOPS also have a new EP on the way.

Justin Aranha

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