Stream Candy’s Raw, Punishing New Album Heaven Is Here

Stream Candy’s Raw, Punishing New Album Heaven Is Here

Richmond’s Candy started off as a grimy, intense hardcore band, and they’re still that, but now they’re other things, too. Four years after releasing their full-length debut Good To Feel, Candy have come back with Heaven Is Here, the new album that they recorded with Power Trip/Code Orange producer Arthur Rizk. It’s a wild one.

On Heaven Is Here, Candy get into sounds and textures that most other hardcore bands never touch — experimental industrial, scummy noise-rock, full-on doom. Heaven Is Here is a suffocatingly dark album, and it’s also messy and chaotic. There aren’t really shout-along choruses or mosh-part breakdowns on this record, even though it’s definitely hard. Instead, we get things like the noisy, experimental 10-minute closing track “Perverse.”

We’ve already posted the early tracks “Human Condition Above Human Opinion,” “Transcend To Wet,” and “World Of Shit.” If you’ve heard those, then you probably have some idea what kind of misanthropic heaviness the album has in store. But it’s one thing to know that, and it’s another to experience it for yourself. You can experience it below.

Heaven Is Here is out now on Relapse.

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