Dust Star – “Can’t Stop Thinkin’ Of You”

Dust Star – “Can’t Stop Thinkin’ Of You”

In a couple weeks, Cameron Wisch and Justin Jurgens are releasing their debut album as Dust Star, Open Up That Heart. They’ve shared two songs from it so far, “Nothing In My Head” and “Work It Out,” and today they’re back with another single, “Can’t Stop Thinkin’ Of You,” an obsessive track that powers along and sounds like a record skipping when it hits that hook. Wisch said the track “is about the hardships you go through in relationships that really stick with you.”

“It’s about navigating confusion, miscommunication, and about doing a deep inner investigation of your subconscious beliefs that may be clouding the situation,” he continued. “The concept for the video began with the silly idea of us being enamored with a cactus. As the video evolved it became a story about getting emotionally hurt and learning how to heal. A recurring theme in our songs is the hardships we’ve experienced in relationships, the times when we’ve been wounded, pricked by a cactus so-to-speak, and then learned how to process and transform the pain of those experiences.”

Watch that Naomi Moser-directed video for the track below.

Open Up That Heart is out 8/5 via Lame-O Records.

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