Turnover – “Myself In The Way” (Feat. Turnstile’s Brendan Yates)

Turnover – “Myself In The Way” (Feat. Turnstile’s Brendan Yates)

Turnover and Turnstile are very different bands, but for obvious reasons they often get confused. The two groups are playing into that confusion today by joining forces. Turnover have announced their follow-up to 2019’s Altogether, which is called Myself In The Way — its title track features vocals from Turnstile singer Brendan Yates. The song continues Turnover’s metamorphosis from an emo band into a vibey dance project, with soft textures and vocoders a plenty. It’s kind of insane that this is what a Turnover x Turnstile collab sounds like.

Turnover singer Austin Getz offered this context on the title:

Over the last couple of years, I really tried to stop finding reasons why not to do something. This song specifically is about getting engaged despite fears I’ve always had of being able to provide for a family, to give as much as someone you love might need forever. It’s about letting love lead the way despite your fears, about not letting your doubts, your ego, your self get in the way of it.

The new album also features Turnover’s recent singles “Wait Too Long” and “Mountains Made Of Clouds.” Listen to “Myself In The Way” below.

01 “Stone Station”
02 “Tears Of Change”
03 “Myself In The Way” (Feat. Brendan Yates)
04 “Wait Too Long”
05 “People That We Know”
06 “Mountains Made Of Clouds”
07 “Ain’t Love Heavy” (Feat. Bre Morell)
08 “Pleasures Galore”
09 “Stone Station Reprise”
10 “Fantasy”
11 “Queen In The River”
12 “Bored of God / Orlando”

Myself In The Way is out 11/4 on Run For Cover.

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