Drake Responds To Accusations Of 14-Minute Private Jet Rides

Drake Responds To Accusations Of 14-Minute Private Jet Rides

In recent weeks, there’s been a whole lot of conversation around the ways that ultra-rich celebrities use private jets. Those jets are insanely expensive, and their CO2 emissions are huge, so people get pissed off when they hear about someone like Kylie Jenner taking a 10-minute flight from one part of the Los Angeles area to another. One offender is Drake. The Twitter account CelebJets, which tracks the flights logged by difference celebrities’ private jets, recently noted that Drake’s plane took a 14-minute flight from Toronto to the Ontario city of Hamilton. According to CelebJets, the jet fuel for that flight would’ve cost nearly $3,000, and it would’ve put out four tons of CO2 emissions.

The distance of that flight is 38 miles. It’s hard to envision any situation when someone would really need to take a 14-minute flight when just about anyone else would just make the hour-long drive, and Drake has come in for some criticism online.

Yesterday, Drake addressed all that criticism in an extremely small way. An Instagram account called RealTorontoNewz posted about Drake’s 14-minute flight, and Drake commented on that post. As Complex reports, Drake wrote, “This is just them moving planes to whatever airport they are being stored at for anyone who was interested in the logistics…nobody takes that flight.”

People pointed out that it doesn’t matter whether anyone takes that flight. If the plane is landing in Toronto and then departing for Hamilton, it’s because Drake didn’t want to fly into Hamilton and then take a car the rest of the way. It still comes off as insane rich-people behavior.

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