Sleep Press Cannabis Leaves Into Dopesmoker Vinyl Reissue

Sleep Press Cannabis Leaves Into Dopesmoker Vinyl Reissue

The stoner metal gods Sleep are bringing their swan song Dopesmoker to streaming platforms this Friday, and they’re releasing two new physical variants of the album in tandem with Third Man Records. One of those variants is your standard black vinyl situation and can be pre-ordered starting Friday. The other variant includes “pure, unadulterated, authentic cannabis leaves” from Doghouse Farms Premium Cannabis encapsulated in PVC. That’s right: They pressed weed into their album.

Those seeking the “Weedian High-Fi” experience will have to personally show up at Third Man’s brick and mortar storefront in Detroit’s Cass Corridor neighborhood. You have until Friday to make your way around the globe and get in line.

Due to record label woes, Dopesmoker was recorded in 1996 and originally released under the name Jerusalem in 1999 after Sleep had already broken up. In 2003, the definitive version of Dopesmoker came out under that title via Tee Pee Records. These new Third Man digital and physical reissues include “Hot Lava Man,” a track that did not appear on previous digital releases of the album; hear it below.

The Dopesmoker reissues are out 8/26 on Third Man.

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