Stream Excide’s Satisfying, Energetic Debut Album Deliberate Revolver

Stream Excide’s Satisfying, Energetic Debut Album Deliberate Revolver

Early in 2020, the young hardcore band Excide, whose members come from both North and South Carolina, released an excellent debut album called Two Of A Kind. That EP had the misfortune to arrive just a couple of months before the pandemic, so Excide didn’t really catch a whole lot of momentum from it. But Excide hung on, and they’ve just now come out with their full-length debut Deliberate Revolver. It kicks ass, and if there’s any justice in the world, it’ll bring Excide the attention that they deserve.

There’s a whole lot of ’90s in Excide’s style. The band likes combining serrated guitars with big melodies, and they come off almost like someone combined Quicksand’s Slip and Snapcase’s Progression Through Unlearning in a lab experiment. But Excide also bring a fresh, relentless sense of energy. If you fuck with Turnstile, then you will probably find something to like on this album. And if you don’t fuck with Turnstile, why not?

Excide have previously shared a few songs from Deliberate Revolver, first dropping “Uncoil” and “The Future, Now Percieved” on an LP promo earlier this year, then following it with the single “Flip.” The full album will take 34 minutes of your time, and it will reward those 34 minutes of attention. Check it out below.

Deliberate Revolver is out now on New Morality Zine.

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