Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Last night’s Smashing Pumpkins radio show had free shots of Dunkin’ pumpkin cream cold brew in the lobby. It’s pumpkin season, motherfuckers. The band played mostly hits, and I also liked the two ATUM songs.

I hope your week went better than the semi charmed life guy from Maroon 5’s. Your best comments from the past seven days are below.


Score: 27 | Sep 19th

I was worried you might not be upset

Posted in: Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan & Mac DeMarco Share New Track “A Cuckhold’s Refrain” As Peppermint Patty
Score: 28 | Sep 22nd

Incredible comment – either it’s one of the best satirical comments this site has ever seen or (and I think it’s this one) he really just genuinely reply-guyed to a song about reply guys. My comment of the year tbh

Posted in: Alvvays – “Very Online Guy” & “Belinda Says”
Score: 29 | Sep 19th

Glow of Love is a transcendent song, among Luther’s best. It’s sad he could never live the life described in the song as an openly gay man.

Janet Jackson 10/10
Luther Vandross 10/10
Glow of Love 10/10
All For You 9/10
Les Moonves -666/10

May he rot in hell.

Posted in: The Number Ones: Janet Jackson’s “All For You”
Score: 31 | Sep 20th

Aw,man. That’s sad. I’ll hang out with him.

(Hangs out with Gene Simmons)

Oh, no. That was a terrible idea.

Posted in: Gene Simmons Says He Doesn’t Have Any Friends 🙁
Score: 34 | Sep 20th


Posted in: The Smashing Pumpkins – “Beguiled”
Score: 34 | Sep 18th

As if trap music wasn’t enough! Now we’ve got to deal with trap doors? Fuck that shit!

Posted in: Post Malone Fell Through A Trap Door Onstage In St. Louis
Guy Incognito
Score: 35 | Sep 18th

Take the L, he politely called you a bitch.

Posted in: Grimes Finished Her Album And “Did Smthn Crazy” At A Plastic Surgery Clinic
wrecked saint
Score: 37 | Sep 19th

It’ll never stand up in court.

Posted in: 50 Cent Sues Plastic Surgeon For Allegedly Insinuating He Had Penis Surgery
JT Wolf
Score: 44 | Sep 16th

The fact that Drake sent those corny DMs and then found them so brilliant he leaked them himself makes this an automatic W for Fantano

Posted in: Drake Slides Into Anthony Fantano’s DMs: “Your Existence Is A Light 1”
Chris DeVille
Score: 77 | Sep 17th

We’ve been doing these kinds of posts since before I started working here nine years ago so it’s probably just that you’ve gotten more sophisticated

Posted in: Grimes Finished Her Album And “Did Smthn Crazy” At A Plastic Surgery Clinic


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